The Miracle


Our Vision is...

To energize and lead a renaissance that brings shared joy and prosperity to our community


Our Mission is to …

  • Come back, restored, in all her glory
  • Excite, with arts and entertainment
  • Contribute, to a culture that respects and enjoys history,
  • Collaborate, with community organizations
  • Teach, by providing arts and culture classes
  • Drive, economic activity well beyond the doors of the theatre.


We have …

  • Respect for history,
  • Passion for arts and culture,
  • Love of community,
  • A heart for those less fortunate,
  • Fond memories of the way it was,
  • Hope for the way it will be,
  • Patience for the journey,
  • Energy for the task at hand,
  • Excitement for the possibilities!

Recent News

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